A customised solution for every product – the Goerlich approach encompassing development, design, mould construction and manufacturing from a single source produces customised products precisely tailored to meet customer requirements. In this respect, we apply our comprehensive know-how and longstanding experience in plastic processing to produce the optimal solution. We process all the standard plastics used to make technical thermoplastic parts, both reinforced and unreinforced. Through the utilisation of two-shot and multi-component technology, lead frame overmoulding and plastic metalisation, applications ranging from standard plastic injection moulding right through to high-tech products can be achieved. 


Merger entered into the commercial register

Consolidation of Goerlich Kunststofftechnik GmbH Dresden and Goerlich Kunststofftechnik GmbH


Into the future with quality and flexibility

Goerlich Kunststofftechnik celebrates its 25th anniversary in Dresden