Mould construction

Mould perfection determines the quality of the end product. In-house mould construction is consequently a core component of the Goerlich approach. Our experts construct high-precision moulds in line with development specifications. The communication process between development, design, mould construction and serial production ensures homogeneous product quality.
All departments are incorporated into our CAD/CAM communication network. This means every process of mould production is entirely transparent. State-of-the-art mould construction using CNC lathes, HSC milling machines and erosion machines, in tandem with continuous quality control, all combine to provide the requisite guarantee of Goerlich precision right from the pre-production stage.  


Merger entered into the commercial register

Consolidation of Goerlich Kunststofftechnik GmbH Dresden and Goerlich Kunststofftechnik GmbH